3. Banknotes

In SPM, we supply all kinds of Banknotes with high security features and different security papers. Below are some of our services in the Banknotes section:


  • We supply banknotes of high tech printing product taking into consideration the requirements of the customers such as UV invisible, in addition to various security features such as water marks, guilloches, security pattern, micro lettering, tilting effects, latent images, etc. that are integrated efficiently within the design.
  • SPM guarantees highest quality and security standards in banknotes and security printing due to our wide spread knowledge added to our engagement with the leading security print companies in the world, in addition to assisting central banks in giving them advice and consultation.
  • Noting that, printing plates are manufactured with the highest precision, because we always aim for the best possible results.
  • We also insure to offer highest security levels, which include printed features, infrared features, magnetic features and others.
  • Furthermore, SPM offers different colors for each denomination depending on customers’ requirements. Printability of colors is offered by different means, offset colors, and Intaglio colors, in addition to the numbering colors for each serial number.[/double_angle_list]

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