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About us

SPM, Security Printing & Minting s.a.l. (sister company for ACSP “Austrian Coins and Security Printing s.a.l.”), is a Lebanese offshore company headquartered in the heart of Beirut, the famous Middle eastern capital city. SPM handles various businesses related to Central Banks in the “Middle East & Africa”. We have the required expertise in assisting the Central Banks on the security printing and design such as Banknotes & security documents along with the Coins Minting & designing, in addition to the supply of equipments, tools and machines.




– Mr. Nabil Soubra  – Chairman of the Board & General Manager

– Ms. Reina Sakr – Sales & Marketing Manager

– Mr. Ahmad Soubra – Head of Accounting Department

– Mrs. Hala Fakhran – Responsible of Logistics

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