2. Scrap Coins & Metals

Purchase of Scrap coins (non value, out of circulation), in addition to Raw Silver and Gold for refinery.

  • The purchase of scrap coins from all around the world is one of our main interests that we have been involved in over many years.
    We buy scrap coins of all alloys such as: Copper, Nickel, Copper Nickel, Steel plated, Bronze, etc.

Scrap Metals

  • scrap metals- 1We buy and sell scrap metals since a visit to any industrial area in most countries demonstrates how much the scrap business is alive and well.
    We are engaged in two different types of scrap coins, ferrous scrap which is iron and steel, which includes scrap from automobiles, airplanes, steel beams, and rail road tracks; in addition to non ferrous scrap metal, which includes aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium and procuim metal. Adding to that, silver and gold constitute a major part of metals. Although silver market is considered by some experts to be a safer Investment than gold, however both are performing astoundingly well.

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